Revised Maps of the Present

Revised Maps of the Present is a multi-room, interactive installation that combines painted walls, sculpted figures, lights, sounds, and video projections. It begins with what appears to be a train station in the city. As observers walk into the scene, the layers of reality disconnect, unfolding into a labyrinth of warping angles, hidden spatial dimensions and alternate versions of the present.  It is like seeing the world from several points-of-view at once, while time and space are simultaneously stretching throughout a kaleidoscopic metropolis.
The first incarnation is scheduled to exhibit at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, May 2018.  Afterwards, the project will continue to expand with new added rooms and features. The project can then be transported to various public spaces and exhibited around the world.

The goal of this piece is to inspire people to think about the nature of reality, and consider many possible interpretations and perspectives. This 2-D, 3-D, 4-D installation invites viewers to reexamine the world without their familiar mental filter, to see again as a child sees, when everything was enormous, mysterious and full of infinite possibilities.